Ways to show love.

Ways to show love
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I will communicate with you better.
I will ask your opinion more often.
I will make an effort to laugh with you every day.
I will show an interest in what you feel is important. Like DIY, sports, �. whatever...
I will make special time available to you and the kids.
I will compliment you more often.
I will admit my mistakes.
I will surprise you with a card or flowers.
I will take time to notice what you have done for me and the family.
I will ask more about your job and show how proud you make me.
I will surprise you with more kisses and cuddles.
I will share the responsibilities around the house.
I will write you an original, romantic poem
I will make a list of our ten favorite romantic memories
I will buy the sappiest greeting card I can find and add my own special romantic message
I will read romantic love poems to you
Give or get a hug
Hold hands
Plan and go on a trip together
Find out what's special for the other person - and do it
Wash each other's cars (or bikes !)
Do things for each other without being asked
Go out dancing
Flirt with each other
Be faithful
Make a list of things you like about each other
Paint a picture for your lover, no matter how awful your painting skills
Make your lover a romantic CD of songs that are special to you
Use romantic text messages to send your lover love letters on their cell phone
Have a romantic dinner waiting for your lover after work
Take your lover to garage sales or flea markets to shop together for things you both enjoy

God Bless and good luck;
Bishop McLaughlin



Get the Ebook and help your marriage.