Issues that can lead to Problems

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Sometimes we forget to make people FEEL valued.

It isn't enough that we value them we NEED to make them FEEL that we value them.

It is easy to start feeling like "all I am is a maid, babysitter, meal ticket".....

The compliments don't keep going 5-10-15-20+ years into the marriage. It isn't that we don't care; it is just lazy.

These feelings build a resentment that grows and shrinks the love. Until one day there isn't any love and you are just 2 people living in the same building.

It can be that simple.

It can even be simpler. For some people they think the honeymoon frantic sex is what love is. When things cool a little they start feeling neglected.

Fights over money, sex, children.......
Fighting DIRTY and making words HURT has a lasting affect.

Some what to FEEL important, Virile, pretty, smart..... We all have our own needs. When those stop being met......

That is when problems happen.


God Bless and good luck;
Bishop McLaughlin



Get the Ebook and help your marriage.